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Lawyers write letter to CJI, Seek order to end Farmer's Protest causing disruptions in oxygen supply

There had been much uproar over the passing of the three agricultural laws which were criticised and appreciated by many .However farmers of Western UP , Punjab and Haryana are very against it and in order to get the same repealed they have been protesting against the laws at Delhi's borders. They have been protesting since 5 months now .

The Covid 19 pandemic began in the later part of 2019 however it took pace and spread throughout the globe affecting all countries. Since it's a pandemic there are multiple waves. The second wave has started in India this March with there being a rapid spike in cases and higher deaths being reported. In matter of the same even though the state is trying its best not to impose complete lockdown it has been creating awareness among the masses to avoid unnecessary travel outside.

Since this wave is deadlier. Many patients in order to sustain are requiring life support systems and oxygen cylinders which because of the increase in cases is in shortage leading to crisis throughout the nation. Many common people and responsible companies are trying to provide oxygen supplies to those in need and the hospitals low on supply.

In the light of the same Satyam Singh Rajput , Advocate of Supreme Court and Founder Justice For Rights Foundation and Advocate Amit Kumar Sharma have written an open letter to the Chief Justice of India to order to put an end to the farmer’s protest at the border which has been causing a delay in oxygen supply to the hospitals.

Advocate Satyam Singh Rajput in his letter stated that That for the last two days, Delhi has been facing an acute shortage of oxygen, it has been revealed that the supply of the vital gas has been disrupted by the ongoing farmer protests in and around Delhi. He in his letter also stated that on dated 21 April, 2021, The Delhi Police on Wednesday helped move a truck carrying oxygen cylinders for Covid-19 patients from the Kundli-Manesar-Palwal Expressway enroute Delhi after it was allegedly “stuck” at the Singhu border due to the ongoing farmers’ protest.

Mr Rajput requested the Hon’ble court to pass an order to remove obstacles that have been put up by the agitators so that ordinary citizens do not face difficulties and emergency medical services can run as normal

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