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स्वस्तिप्रजाभ्यः परिपालयन्तां न्यायेन मार्गेण महीं महीशाः।

गोब्राह्मणेभ्यः शुभमस्तु नित्यं लोकाः समस्ताः सुखिनो भवन्तु॥

May the well-being of all people be protected by the powerful and mighty leaders be with law and justice, May the success be with all divinity and scholars, May all (samastāḥ) the worlds (lokāḥ) become (bhavantu) happy (sukhino).


The rule of law requires that people should be governed by standard practices, rather than by the arbitrary decisions of rulers. These standards should be general and abstract, known and precise, and apply equally to all individuals.

Nayashastram aims to nurture the legal fraternity with the ability to comprehend those acceptable rules and envision the possible changes which ought to be made in these rules as per the dynamic environment around us.


Nyayashastram is a student-run website/blog with the aid and advice from eminent Lawyers and Academicians across the nation.


The blog is aimed to foster legal research by providing a platform to encourage the original and unpublished work of authors.

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Nyayshastram welcomes blog submissions on a rolling basis on contemporary issues relating to Law and Humanities. The blog accepts submission from students, academicians, lawyers, judges and other esteemed members of the legal fraternity.

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