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Advocate Satyam Singh sent legal Notice to Yograj Singh, father of Cricketer Yuvraj Singh.

Advocate Satyam Singh sent a legal notice on behalf of his client Mr Sanjeev Kumar, Activist and student leader for taking legal action against Yograj Singh for delivering a derogatory speech which is highly blasphemous, inflammatory and full of hatred against Hindus and also capable of provoking riots and tensions between Hindu and Sikhs.

Yograj Singh delivered the speech amid the farmer’s protest and the client watched the entire speech. The client found the speech highly derogatory and can provoke riots and tensions between Hindus and Sikhs.

The videos of Yograj Singh have surfaced on internet and news channel and have been viral among various social media platforms.

Mr Yograj Singh addressed the Hindu community with baseless and false concoctions of facts that during Mughal Eras Hindu used to transport their daughters to Ahmad Shah Abdali who used to purchase these girls for a small price. He made a claim that Sikh community use to protect these girls.

Further, in an attempt to instigate farmers, Mr Yograj Singh claimed that their leaders have betrayed them and backstabbed the farmers and these political leaders were auctioned for a hefty amount of money.

Mr Yograj Singh not only humiliated Hindus but also glorified the separatist and terrorist ideology by mentioning Jarnail Singh Bhindrawale in his public disclosure. He Addressed every person present there as ‘Jarnail’. These seditious acts and words bear a direct threat to Sovereignty and Integrity of India.

It is pertinent to make Yograj Singh aware that his comment for Hindu Girls was one of the lowest grades. The defamatory statements illustrate Mr Singh’s malafide intention to cause an adverse effect upon a peaceful protest where Sikh farmers were welcomed by Hindu farmers at the Haryana-Delhi border. The moment Hindus heard these statements its reaction is shown upon Twitter and other social media platforms and a trending tweet “Arrestyograjsingh”.

For and on behalf of the client Mr Sanjeev Kumar and on his instructions, we call upon an immediate, unequivocal and unqualified apology to the client and Hindus at large failing which immediate legal proceedings will be initiated for the criminal/ civil prosecution under the various provisions.

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