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Supreme Court grants bail to two more accused in Mumbai- Chhatisgarh Drug Cartel case

A two-judge bench of the Hon'ble Supreme Court on Tuesday 17th August granted bail to two more accused persons who were implicated in the Mumbai- Chhatisgarh drug cartel case in September-October 2020.

The bail application of the accused persons was earlier rejected by the High Court in January 2021 and June 2021 and they had appealed the decision in the Supreme Court stating that they have been falsely implicated in the case. The police claimed that they had arrested them on basis of some phone calls. It was also stated by accused persons that they stood at far lesser footing than the others and they were in custody for more than 10 months and thus, they were entitled to bail. It is noteworthy that some of the other co-accused were already on bail.

The case was argued by Advocate Harpreet Singh Hora, Advocate Smriti Sandhu, Advocate Manvinder Singh and filed by AoR Rishi Matoliya on behalf of the two accused persons.

The two-judge bench of the Supreme court considered the material which was placed on record by the police and heard arguments at length today from both sides. The accused had stated that the High Court of Chhatisgarh had dismissed the bail application relying on the previous judgment (dated 29.01.2021) whereas the said judgment had been appealed against and several co-accused were granted bail at different occasions by the Hon'ble Supreme Court and High Court of Chhatisgarh.

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