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Lawyers and Law Student write letter to the Prime Minister, Seek discontinuation of MiG 21 Aircraft

Indian Air Force is one of the most powerful Air force around the world. The Indian Airforce has always has had an upper hand over the Pakistani Airforce despite having less advanced aircrafts because of the capability the Indian Pilots have. Indian Air force has a wide range of aircrafts having various roles. Some popular names include MiG 29, Sukhoi 30 MKI ,MiG 21 and the newly inducted Dassault Rafael. MiG 21 is one of the oldest Aircraft in the force despite it's production being stopped by Russia and various countries decommissioning them.

MiG 21 has one of the fastest Landing speeds among all military aircrafts which mean only those very capable can fly this machine. MiG 21 came into production in the 1960s and had a life span till 1980s but India still has them in the fleet. They are as lethal as they were in the production years but now these aircrafts even after getting upgrades still have safety issues which have led to hundreds of crashes resulting in infamous names being given to the aircraft. MiG 21 was set to be replaced by Light Combat Aircraft Tejas which has been manufactured by HAL, but the same has no future as of yet.

In the light of these incidents involving the aircrafts and the recent crash of a MiG 21 Bison a letter has been written by Advocates Satyam Singh and Amit Kumar Sharma and Law Student Ayush Kumar Upadhyay to the Prime Minister citing the various incidents involving the aircraft and the safety concerns of various pilots and requesting the Prime Minister to discontinue the said aircraft from the force.

They in their letter have stated that the Aircraft has proven in it's mettle in various wars and even recently during the Balakot Air Strikes but in recent years it has become unsafe to be flown because of there being multiple crashes of the aircraft and thus arises the need to discontinue them. They have sent the letter to the Defence Ministry and the Airforce as well

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