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Insaaf Legal Association distributes essential goods in Delhi on account of National Girl Child Day

Insaaf Legal Association founded by Devendra Kumar Gupta conducted an essential goods distribution drive at a slum area of Delhi on 24th January celebrating National Girl Child . The drive was organised to help the poor and needy which included men, women, and children. Clothes, snacks, and books were distributed. Winter wear was also distributed keeping in mind the chilly winters that Delhi is currently experiencing.

While distributing above mentioned articles founder Devendra Kumar Gupta made a statement saying “Day or night, we will always stay with you” and serving orphans, old age people, children is like worshiping God ".

The program had been organised with the cooperation and support of the present dignitaries which were Devendra Kumar Gupta (founder), Brij Mohan Goswami (vice president), Vikas Saraswat (Haryana president), Nasir Hussain (President Delhi), Abhisekh Vyas (secretary Delhi), Sagar Soni, Gurpreet Singh (vice president), Vipul Sukhla, Anuradha Tomar, Sikhar Pratap Singh, Vishal Badshah Jwala Kumar, Kunwar Vishal Singh, and Amit Kumar Singh.

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