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In Conversation with Suvaaankoor Das, Associate Partner at Krishnamurthy & Co. (K Law)

Updated: Jun 30, 2023

Nyayshastram Interview

1. Thank you, Suvaaankoor, for accepting our invitation to be a guest on the legal chat series hosted by Nyayshastram. I request you to introduce yourself to our readers?

Response: Thank You for this opportunity and platform to share the knowledge I have acquired throughout my journey. I am an Associate Partner at K Law in their Dispute Resolution Team with around 9 years of PQE. I hail from Odisha where I was born and raised. I have also received all my official learning from there, before relocating to Mumbai in 2014. I am a very passionate towards sports and I regularly engage in athletic activities to maintain my enthusiasm and to keep me going.

2. Please tell us the factors that motivated you to pursue a career in law?

Response: I, quite unexpectedly, crossed paths with law. The story unfolds from the early months of 2009, while I was preparing for my class 12 boards along with engineering entrances. My brother, Debajyoti Das, who was pursuing law from HNLU, at the time enlightened me about the prevailing recession and the recession proof nature of the legal and medical professions. It was his guidance that prompted me to take the law entrance exam, and as they say, the rest is history.

Nevertheless, it was only in 2015, when I began litigation at Tatva Legal Mumbai under the guidance of Mr. Mahernosh Humranwala and Ms. Kirtida Chandarana, that I truly discovered my passion and realized that this was the field in which I want to thrive and excel in. I often find myself resonating with the following quote: “Sher ke muh me khun lag gaya” since my encounter with litigation/dispute resolution. Now it’s become my source of fulfillment. The sheer satisfaction of offering solution to people is what drives me to wake up each day.

3. Please tell us about your experiences during your time in law school and what all co-curricular activities you took part in and how have they shaped you professionally?

Response: Personally, my time at Law School was an interesting learning experience. Apart from my regular studies I was engaged in various activities that captivated me. I enthusiastically participated in moot court competitions and contributed to organizing college events. I also was part of various sports teams and have represented the college as well as the university.

In my opinion engaging in extracurricular activities, which in my view should be considered as one amongst the core subjects in School, helped me understand the importance of teamwork, discipline, navigating through challenging circumstances, leading a diverse team and also coping with losses. All these qualities have profoundly influenced my professional life, fostering a sense of humility and equipping me with the ability to approach setbacks with a positive outlook.

4. What challenges did you face during the start of your legal journey, and how did you overcome them?

Response: When I started my legal journey, I was already on the backfoot against my peers. However, I stopped bothering about the uncontrollable things, like interview call, college placements, etc. I started pursuing things which were under my control, i.e. by sending 200-250 emails each day to different firms across the country and then following it up with calls. I maintained an excel sheet with the updates, so that I don’t forget when to call a particular firm next. Eventually, I got through a law firm before completion of my last semester and moved to Mumbai in 2014. Further, I stopped comparing myself with my peers, my competition was always Suvaaankoor Das of yesterday.

5. What do you consider to be your biggest achievement(s) in your legal career so far?

Response: During the early stages of my career, I considered it a significate personal achievement and found it extremely gratifying to have been able to help an elderly woman settle her dispute with her tenant, it was a very satisfying experience. Additionally, among other notable instances, there have been several gratifying moments throughout my career, like obtaining a favourable order for my client after personally arguing in the final hearing, successfully defending a client in a copyright infringement matter before the High Court, and receiving a personal message from senior counsel Mr. Gopal Subramanium while assisting him in a matter before the Supreme Court.

6. As a partner in one of the most prestigious law firms in India, can you tell us about the challenges that you encounter in your daily work and how do you overcome them?

Response: Everyday, the primary challenges I encounter revolve around time management and handling personnel effectively. The firm’s management, clients, and the team, all have certain expectations, the key lies in managing the expectations within the designated time frames. To tackle this I allocate my time for legal work and administrative responsibilities, adhering to the outlined schedule unless something really urgent pops up. Also, the lessons I have learnt from participating in sports helps me to effectively navigate difficult situations as they arise.

7. How do you balance your professional and personal life, and what strategies do you use to manage your time effectively?

Response: Each week, I meticulously prepare a to do list and diligently adhere to it. As part of my routine, I actively engage in various sports, allowing myself to disconnect from work intermittently. I firmly believe in the significance of not letting professional life consume me 24X7, and playing sports helps me in this transition. I also like to travel, and therefore, careful pre-planning ensures that I can fully immerse myself in my breaks without being bothered by work related issues or concerns.

8. What qualities you believe are essential to be successful in the legal profession, and how can aspiring lawyers develop these qualities?

Response: In order to excel in this profession, discipline, a willingness to learn, problem solving abilities, and a never say die attitude are essential. Aspiring lawyers should strive to imbibe these qualities from the early stages of their journey. These qualities cannot be acquired solely through reading books or interacting with others, they must be developed from within each individual.

9. As an accomplished individual who has attained notable success in the legal profession, what guidance or advice would you offer to law students who are embarking on their career paths?

Response: Don’t give up. Persevere and remain resilient. Expect a multitude of highs and lows along the way. Cherish the moments of success and dedicate yourself diligently during challenging times. When the going gets tough, put in that extra effort and you will soon reap the benefits of the same. There is no substitute for hard work and steadfast commitment.

The Interview was taken by Abhishek Bhushan Singh (Advocate Litigation and Disputes Resolution, Founder and MD Nyayshastram)

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