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How Different Groups are Responding to the Current Scenario in the Country

Updated: Jun 2, 2020

Abhishek Bhushan Singh

The world is facing a biggest problem in the name of corona right now, it all started from the city of Wuhan in China, and now spread in all over the world. Globalisation played a very key role in spreading this virus. India is also affected with this virus like other countries, but right now the situation of India is not that bad. It does not reach the 3rd stage which is the community spread. The government of India has taken some major decision to stop the spreading of virus. When India encountered with this virus there were very few cases of persons infected with it, suddenly the number of patients goes up. All the state governments along with the central government started taking actions. The schools and colleges started shutting down. On 14th of march with the government notification all the educational institutions were shut down, till then the cases were much low. But as the testing started there were many people mainly the ones who had the travelled history to other countries were found infected with the virus. As the states where the cases of infected people were increasing goes for lock down. After seeing the increasing number of infected people, the government come up with an idea of Janta curfew and on 22nd march all the Indians witnessed the Janta curfew. As the nature of this virus that it spreads from people to people and seeing the condition of other countries like China, America and European countries, who are all well versed with the medical facilities and economically well could not stop spreading this virus and the condition of these countries became terrible. The government of India on 24th march comes with a complete lockdown of 21 days in the country, so that it will help in reducing the spreading of the virus and India will not go in the 3rd stage.

After the lockdown there were panic started in the people that how will they get the household stuffs, the persons who are far from their homes, how will they reach there home etc. the government then come up with many solution such as the grocery stores and medicine shops shall remain open, so that people can get the essential goods for them. But the problem does not stop here, it just started because now the problem was with the migrant workers who left their homes and were working in the other states, now they want to come back to their home towns and villages thinking that after the lockdown they will not have food and money to survive. Thinking that they started moving from their respective places to their home towns and village, it seems that the purpose of lockdown was devastated, the government appeal to maintain peace to the workers and their state government such as Bihar and Uttar Pradesh government provides the travel facilities and the food and money to survive. The state government where such things were happening also appealed to the people to remain at the same place as they were providing the food and shelter to those people. The government tried all the possible thing to make those people understand not to get panic and to remain at the same place where they are.

The outbreak of corona outbreak also lead to unstable the economic condition of the country, according to a report by a prestigious law firm it is an undisputed fact that there are a lot of companies which are on the verse of insolvency and bankruptcy after this lockdown, this fears many employs of the tertiary job sector that they will loose their jobs. Although many of the companies allowed their employees to work from home, but there are many companies which can not do so thus for that matter they will be shut for 21 days, the lockdown and this corona factor will destroy the economic balance in the country , the market is falling rapidly and the GDP is getting low. This is the situation of many countries, there are many multinational companies which are also affected by this outbreak. The fear of loosing job affecting many people mentally. Thus, the group of people from the tertiary job sector are in the fear that their future will be affected due to this outbreak.

According to a report that came recently states that due to the lockdown in the country the case of domestic violence increased. Domestic violence is one of the most ill things happening in the society, the physical abuse of women and children by the man of the house is termed as the domestic violence. Many complains have been filed of the domestic violence in the states, this can also be happening because of the stress, daily earners are in the home and they don’t have enough of the money to feed their family, the pressure of future also panics the people which results in anxiety and anger due to which people are facing the domestic violence.

Problem with the health sector people- In this crucial time all the health workers in the country are doing excellent work, they are working continuously. In the starting the appropriate safety measures were not available in the countries like N95 mask and wearing gears, due to which they were facing a lot of problem and spreading of virus were high within these people, many of the doctors and nurses treating the COVID-19 patients infected by this virus. the family members of the doctors and nurses are in the fear that what if they got infected by this virus. the healthcare staffs don’t go to their home for weeks living and spending their time in hospitals treating the patients. There was a news came some days ago that in Delhi doctors were forced by the landlords to evacuate the houses because of the fear that they will also be infected by the virus. A news came from the city of Indore that the doctors team who went to do checkup of the people in an area were thrown petals and stones on them, which was a shame and should not be happened on the very 1st place. Then the government issued a notice that whoever does such an such act will be punished according to NSA act. The healthcare staffs are doing a great job, people should appreciate them.

The outbreak of coronavirus also impacted the religious sentiments of the people, all the temples, mosques, churches are closed, thus they cannot perform their religious beliefs, for example the Puja of Ramanavami/Navratri had to be cancelled which is indeed a very important festival for the Hindus, the government appealed to people not to come out of their homes . The Muslims were told not to perform namaz from the mosques, but it was seen in many places that this was broken down and many people were performing namaza together which was the violation of the lockdown and social distancing. Many people are not understanding the grievances of the coronavirus, it should be understanding that the disease does not sees the religion, caste, creed, gender and race. On of the recent news flashed about the Tabligi Jamat, a muslim organisation, that these people were hosting the religious meeting where there were many people associated with the organisation came from the other countries, they were told to evacuate the building when it came to the knowledge of the government and the administration. When they were tested for the coronavirus the result was shocking almost everyone who attended that meeting were suffering from the coronavirus, it resulted in the increasing of the number of coronavirus patient in the country, one of the worst thing that we witnessed these days that when these people were taken to the hospitals to put them in the isolation, they does some antisocial things such as spitting in public place like roads and buses, spiting on the police and healthcare staffs. This thing should not be done the police and healthcare staffs are there to protect everyone. Everyone should unite in this crucial time to fight with this evil called coronavirus, we must show humanity first.

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