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Delhi HC issues summons to PCI over the exclusion of Shooter Naresh Sharma for Tokyo Paralympics

Olympics is one of the biggest sporting events throughout the globe. It involves almost all major sports which are played throughout. All nations participate in this event and strive to win medals. Due to it's magnitude this event is held every 4 years, The last being held in 2016 and the next in 2020. However due to the advent of the pandemic the games were postponed by one year and shall begin from tomorrow at Tokyo . Since not all people are alike for people who are disabled or have physical deformities for them Paralympics are held which like the Olympics are highly competitive. India has consistently sent many athletes for the Olympics as well as the Paralympics. The list of participants is selected by the appropriate authorities.

5 time Paralympian (Rifle Shooter) Mr Naresh Kumar Sharma filed a writ petition through his Advocates Jatan Singh (Vice President DHCBA), Amit Kumar Sharma and Satyam Singh Rajput against the Paralympic Committee of India against arbitrariness in the selection of athletes for the Tokyo Paralympic Games 2020, Japan.

Advocates Jatan Singh Amit Kumar Sharma and Satyam Singh Rajput further stated in the petition that The Selection Process is not fair and transparent. The National Sports Development Code of India, 2011 obligates the National Sports Federation to judiciously select players to represent India on merits for major International events to enhance National prestige and bring glory to the country. Unfortunately, the Selection Committee of PCI has violated the said Code by not adhering to its purpose and objective. The Selection Committee has ensured that the selection process is not fair and transparent.

The Selection Committee of PCI was biased towards the petitioner. They consciously and arbitrarily denied the petitioner his legitimate opportunity to participate in the R7 event at Tokyo Paralympics. The Selection Committee deliberately did not take into consideration his actual average score. The petitioner is aggrieved by the arbitrary denial of opportunity to participate in Tokyo Paralympics at the hands of the members of the Selection Committee of PCI.

The petitioner herein made a representation by way of sending an email to the PCI bringing to their notice the manifest injustice done against him. On 17.07.2020 the petitioner sent an email to Deepa Malik, President of PCI requesting to select him to participate in the Tokyo Paralympics in the R7 event keeping in mind his consistency and Average Score. Unfortunately, no response was received from PCI in this regard.

The petitioner humbly sought intervention of this Hon’ble Court in the present matter, as the legitimate opportunity of the petitioner to participate in Tokyo Paralympics in the R7 event and consequently bring laurels to the country will be lost, if the arbitrary, discriminatory and capricious selection of the shooter in R7 event by the Selection Committee of PCI is allowed.

The court after hearing the matter ordered a summons to the PCI to appear at the next hearing on 27th July 2021

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