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Chairman Mishra Asks Centres Of Legal Education To Consider Flexible Fee Structures Amidst COVID-19

Updated: Jul 31, 2020

News Article covered by Ayush Kumar

On July 27, the Chairman of Bar Council of India (BCI), Sri Manan Kumar Mishra, pleaded to all the heads of Centre for Legal Education to accept fee in easy instalments during pandemic blues. COVID-19 has witnessed an increasing dependence of educational institutions on online platforms. As a result, requests have been made by aggrieved students, and their parents, to waive off certain components of the fee. This includes the fee for physical utilization of infrastructure, library and other facilities.

The plea for fee concession comes after several businesses have turned into loss-making ventures, with rampant layoffs and reduced salaries of employed individuals. Additionally, students have cited increased costs of data packs and electronic devices as necessary expenditures for an online mode of education. However, the educational institutions have made no extension of cut-off dates for fee payment. As a result, there exists a never-ending trend of incidental costs and fear of being debarred from attending e-classes.

While referring to this, Chairman Mishra advised all legal educational institutions to frame flexible, alternative schemes. These provide ample opportunities for students to pay their annual/semester fees in easy instalments, instead of a lumpsum amount. The letter also requested all the Centres to proportionally adjust the fee charged, considering their savings on electricity and maintenance of infrastructure. In this manner, the challenges posed by the pandemic have to be addressed sympathetically, since the mental peace of families is at stake here. Read the Letter Sent by Manan Kumar Mishra:

Download PDF • 452KB

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