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NYAYSHASTRAM wishes you the best of the day.

We extend gratitude to all our connections for supporting us in reaching the heights of success we are at today. In view of the same, we are expanding our team to meet the need for dedicated, bright team members that will grow with us in this journey.

Hence, we open applications to all tech savvy and law proficient "learners" out there to join our team for a mutually beneficial partnership!

Fill out your applications today at


  1. Must be enrolled at a recognized law university in India pursuing 5 Years or 3 Years. OR Must be equipped with digital skills, graphic design, or social media savvy.

  2. Must have prior organizational experience.

  3. Must be willing to dedicate 8 hrs per week through remote working.

  4. Must be proficient in writing.

Roles and Responsibilities:

You are required to coordinate with the Content Manager, Student Editors, Content Writing Department, Brand Management Department, Program Strategy Department, Full Time Members and the Interns. You may also receive instructions from the Managing Director and the Chief Operating Manager. Specific post shall be allotted at a later date.

Working Hours: Flexible.

Perks: May receive gift Vouchers and stipend at times.

In case of any queries, reach out to us at

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