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Unable to register for second dose of Vaccine, Delhi Residents approach Delhi HC. Listed Tomorrow

The Covid 19 virus has wrecked havoc throughout the world in form of deaths and economic downturns. However a glimpse of hope arose when vaccine to combat the same was discovered and was mass produced. In India two manufacturers namely Covaxin and Covishield are available to the citizens. It has been laid down by medical agencies that two doses of these vaccines have to be taken with a gap of 28 days to provide the maximum efficiency. However it is pertinent to note that these vaccines do not prevent people from contracting the virus rather they reduce the effect of the virus in case one contracts it.

The Government of India has been the sole aggregator of these vaccines and in order to get a dose of the same one has to book a slot on the Cowin App created by the Government. It is important to know here that because of the sheer population and the shortage of doses many people are not able to book a slot for their second dose or even their first dose

In the light of the prevailing issue Delhi residents; Advocates Kushal Kumar, Mansi Sharma and Sashwat Tripathi appearing in person have approached the Delhi Court seeking direction that they being given their second dose of the vaccine. The petitioners have approached the court seeking direction to the concerned authorities to urgently provide second dose of Covaxin vaccine to them as their allotted time period for the second dose is about to end. It has been submitted by them submitted that they were successfully administered the first dose of Covaxin vaccine. The allotted time period for the second dose of vaccine is between 31.05.2021 and 14.06.2021.

It has been contended by the petitioners that the time gap between two doses of Covaxin vaccine is only 28 days and in case the second dose is not administered after 28 days, the person loses the protection afforded by the first dose. The Petitioners have submitted that they have been unable to get a slot for second dose of Covaxin even after numerous attempts since 31.05.2021 to till date of filing of the present Petition.

The Delhi High court on the ground of urgency has listed the matter tomorrow i.e. 4/06/2021

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