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Training Sessions on Mediation Skills: OutofCourt [Register By 18th November]

About the Event

Outofcourt presents a three-day training session on Mediation​. This training session aims to provide law students to learn mediation through simulated exercises and mock sessions.

As a country whose judicial system is clogged with a staggering number of cases, we are reaching a breaking point where the judicial system will fail to deliver. It has now become imperative to find alternative means and mechanisms to provide relief. This is acknowledged by the Supreme Court. The law students today need to be future/career ready. ADR is seeing a huge growth today.

The Law colleges in India are also becoming proactive in incorporating mediation Moot Courts and Arbitration cells in the campuses to introduce to the students these concepts which are essential for all lawyers.

In the recent past, there has been increasing in the popularity of Negotiation and Mediation like the UNCITRAL Working group discussion on coming up with an international treaty like the New York Convention and the Singapore Convention for the enforcement of mediated settlement agreements​, and the discussions on the use of mediation in resolving international investment disputes.

Mediation is, rapidly, becoming the first choice of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) mechanism in courts in India. It is also becoming popular as a means of resolving commercial and civil disputes.

The positive thrust from the Supreme Court in recognising its effectiveness has only cemented its position as a quick, practical and economical means of conflict resolution.

It is important for law students to get exposed to Mediation, and hence, this training is an effort from Outofcourt to get the budding lawyers to learn this thoroughly.

About the Speaker

Meena Pershad Waghray has over two decades of experience working as an advocate in Bangalore City Civil Courts, Karnataka High Court, Family Courts, Debt Recovery Tribunals etc.

She has been a passionate advocate for Alternative Dispute Resolution techniques, seeking out ADR courses, especially mediation during her travel to the USA and Denmark. She is an internationally certified mediator from ADR group, UK with Thomas Valenti of Valenti law, Chicago USA.

She is also the founder of www. outofcourt, in – a portal to popularize Mediation training in India. She works as the Chief mediator as well. She also runs various social media pages on Mediation. Meena has conducted several training sessions on Mediation with college students, teachers, High School students and the general public. Meena is a law graduate from Osmania University and is a topper in PG Diploma in Consumer Protection law from NLSIU (National Law School of India University, Bangalore). She did a dissertation with the Bangalore Mediation Centre, Siddaiah Road and was impressed with the mediation process.

She is an internationally certified mediator from ADR group, UK with Thomas Valenti of Valenti law, Chicago USA. She is a part-time faculty at the Army Public School, Bangalore teaching the elective Legal Studies to students of CBSE class XI and XII.

She is a corporate trainer at the Art of Living Foundation and teaches Yoga and Meditation. She has volunteered for many of the initiatives of the foundation from the last 20 years. Almost all involve people skills which are the core of all her activities, including mediation training.

She works extensively with the promotion of mediation in the society and conducts several workshops with non-lawyers, Educational institutions, High School Students, Homemakers, etc., for that has been nominated for the prestigious Shamnaad Basheer Prize for this year. She believes that Anyone can mediate and everyone must learn the skills of Mediation.


TIMELINE (18th-20th November 2020)


Day 1:

  • Understanding conflicts and resolutions in common parlance

  • Conflict theory and emotions and feelings.

  • Innovative use of Improvisation theatre methodology as a precursor to a case

  • studies

  • Effective use of tools of communication (Online)

  • Introduction to the 5 phases of mediation

  • Foundations and methodology of mediation

  • Mediator’s role as a leader; conduct: Do’s and Don’ts

  • Medi​T​ation: Looking within to be an authentic Mediator

Day 2:

  • Mock sessions to move from Phase 1 to Phase 3 of mediation. (Use of break

  • away rooms in Online)

  • Opening statement and storytelling; the physical space, mediator’s calm

  • presence, setting the tone for parties to be comfortable

  • Role plays, understanding caucuses

  • Handling parties’ feelings and emotions and caucuses

  • MediTation session: Honing the skills of looking within.

Day 3:

  • Full-length mock Mediation session

  • Mock sessions continue to move from Phase 3 to Phase 5 of mediation.

  • Full mock sessions with grading and feedback.

  • Mediation at the Moots, Agreements, writings and follow-ups, negotiation

  • elements

  • Closing with the distribution of certificates and badges.

  • Mock mediation sessions will be based on civil, commercial and family cases.


  1. The participants can register through this link.

  2. Registration Fees - Rs 2,000/-

Account Details

Meena Waghray

Account Number ​520451007304300

Bank: Corporation Bank

Branch: K Kamraj Road,

Cantonment Bangalore 42

IFSC code: CORP0000046

Note: There shall be only 25 students taking part in this session on a first come, first-serve basis. Registrations close by​ 2 PM​ on 18​th November 2020.


  • 04:00 – 06:00 PM.

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