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Shri Gaurav Yadav appointed As Vice -Chairman of International Human Rights Protection Council [UP]

Updated: Oct 20, 2020

Shri Gaurav Yadav, President (Uttar Pradesh) Justice For Rights Foundation, has been appointed as the Vice-Chairman of Uttar Pradesh International Human Rights Protection Council.

Mr Gaurav is known for his social work and raising his voice for weaker section of society, he also worked as a Covid warrior during the pandemic and tried to become a helping hand for the needy people. He is the youngest vice-chairman of International Human Rights Protection Council. He is currently studying in his 2nd year at Faculty of Law Lucknow University.

About Justice For Rights Foundation

Justice For Rights Foundation is a youth-driven N.G.O. (Non-Governmental Organization), comprising of professionals (Advocates, CS, CA, Engineers, Doctors, Educationists, Social Workers) as well as workers at the grass-root level. They are working for the welfare of Indian Armed Forces & Paramilitary Forces (disabled and martyr’s), their families, rehabilitation of rape victims, providing education to children who are somehow devoid of it and for the upliftment of transgender people.

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