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SC Makes Filing Of Soft Copies Of Petitions Mandatory Along with Physical Filing

News Article covered by Niloy Subir Ghosh

With the increase in usage of computers and tablets for accessing case files and petitions since the advent of virtual hearings since March 23. The Supreme Court has brought another development in the area of digitisation.

The Chief Justice of India SA Bobde has directed Advocates-on-Record and parties-in-person to file soft copies of petitions and accompanying documents with the Supreme Court Registry, in addition to the hard copies, which were filed till now. However, it has been clarified that filing of the petition and the accompanying documents in physical form, and the notification of defects shall be as per the existing procedure. The circular released on 27th July states that at the time of re-filing after curing all defects, AoRs and parties-in-person, in addition to the Hard Copy to be filed at the filing counter, will be required to be filed along with the Soft Copy of the petition and the accompanying documents.

 The soft copy is required to be uploaded by the AOR and Party in-person on the email id -soft.petition@sci.nic.in. The subject of the email shall clearly state “Soft copy of the petition and the accompanying documents in Diary No __.”.The text of email shall contain the verification as prescribed in the circular. The Additional Registrar (I-B) In charge shall acknowledge receipt of the soft copy of the petition and the accompanying documents by a return email.

Following that circular, another circular was released by the Supreme Court on the same day which was a partial modification the circular dated on 29th Septemeber, 2006. It stated that the printing charges have been reduced from Rs.1.50 per page (Rs.6 for four copies) to 0.75 paise per page (Rs.3 for four copies) in cases filed through e-filing mode. All this was done so as to remove the hindrances in e-filing of the petitions.

Read Circulars:

SC Circular For Filing Soft Copy Of The
Download • 139KB

SC Circular For Reducing The Printing Ch
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