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Plural Party Files Plea In Delhi HC, Seeks To Use Chessboard Symbol To Contest Bihar Assembly Polls

Updated: Oct 21, 2020

The Bihar Legislative Assembly Elections are just around the corner. The elections will be held in three phases on 28 October, 3 and 7 November. Before the elections; The nomination filling process is still going on. Many newly created parties are contesting in the said election; Among them is the Plurals Party, which has been founded by Pushpam Priya Choudhary.

The Plurals party on 15th October 2020 approached the Plural Party moved Delhi HC seeking directions to use chessboard symbol in the upcoming Bihar Elections. The president of the party through its party general secretary has approached the Delhi HC to allow the members of their party to file nomination and contest the first phase of the Bihar Elections.

They have been represented by Advocates Amit Kumar Sharma And Satyam Singh Rajput. They have submitted to the court that the petitioner has been aggrieved by the fact that despite following the rules and, regulations the ECI has registered their party on 13th October. However, the last day to file nomination for the first phase got much expired much earlier on 8th October. The petitioner has also submitted that the petitioner has been running from post to pillar but no avail.

The petition shall likely be heard on 16 October 2020 by a bench of the Delhi HC. The petitioners have further sought permission for a common symbol for all the candidates of the party.

It has been argued that the political party wanted to contest the assembly election of Bihar, 2020 but due to apathy and lackadaisical approach on the part of the respondent to register the petitioner on and before October 8, has resulted in irreparable loss to the them, and the prejudice has been occasioned thereby.

The petitioner has submitted that they made humble and benign requests to the ECI to register the political Party till October 8 so that its candidates can contest the first phase of the Bihar Assembly Election under its banner. Unfortunately, their humble and legitimate requests were not accepted.

Moreover during this time the ECI through a press note dated 8th October gave relaxation and reduced notice period from 30 days to 7 days for the parties which have published the public notice on or before October 7;The said relaxation shall be enforceable till October 20, 2020, the last date for nomination for phase three of the general election to the Bihar Legislative Assembly.

The petitioners have also submitted that they were denied the opportunity of the said relaxation announced by the ECI ,which resulted in its candidates having to file the nomination papers for the first phase of the Bihar Elections as independent candidates owing to the fact that that the last date to file the nominations for the first phase of Bihar election was October 8.

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