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Law Student writes letter to CJ of Delhi HC seeks Live Steaming of Court Proceedings like other HCs

A letter has been written by Law Student Diksha Dadu who is a final year law student to the Chief Justice of Delhi HC law student seeking live stream of court proceedings of the Delhi HC.

Through the letter she has sought the indulgence of Hon’ble Chief Justice of Delhi high Court and his companion judges in initiating Live Streaming of Court Proceedings. She has submitted that The High Courts of Bombay, Kerala, Gujarat, and Karnataka have recently initiated live streaming on trial basis and are considering to take the permanent step further thereof. Furthermore she has submitted that the Hon’ble Delhi High Court has welcomed the virtual hearing system of the court proceedings and their e-filings thereof as the best in class during these difficult times of Covid-19 outbreak. The decision has received acknowledgement from the Apex Court in various statements issued by the Hon’ble Chief Justice of India and other companion judges of the Hon’ble Supreme Court.

The Letter further highlighted the technological divide and it’s obstruction in principle of openness in judicial system. This step would help bridge the unmitigated technological segregation and provide transparency, proper access, and credible improvements towards access to justice. This noble step would concord with the principle of openness and provide a seamless forward-looking lens towards the future for the legal fraternity and the public at large.

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