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Burnished Law Journal invites applications for Pro Bono Internship program for Nov and Dec 2021.

About Burnished Law Journal

Burnished Law Journal(ISSN-2582-5534) Peer Reviewed National Law journal Indexed in Manupatra with open access aims to provide a number of legal journal articles,& practical update of law. We actively invite people to share his/her research on contemporary issues of law, so as to enable the growth and understanding of the aspects of the law to the individual in the society. The main aim of Burnished Law Journal, includes, topic on socio-legal, socio-economic, or any other law related topic or social issues.

Burnished Law Journal Training and Placement Cell

Burnished Law Journal training& placement cell is active with aim of providing internship under Pro Bono Internship Program to the students of local law school from all over the India, we are giving preference to those students who are economically backward, physically challenged and those who belongs to LGBTQ.

The journal aims to bring together the need of the students with the ongoing opportunities through getting the right student to the right place which would be great for the society and also to give students the right opportunity to prove themselves and come with great young ideas in the society as the youth is the future of our country. It is available to all students throughout the society who really want to grab the golden opportunity and to work really hard for their future. We welcome the students of legal fraternity with a passion of hard work and utilizing it in a better way which will help them being an innovative lawyer in future.

Till now they have collaborated with HSA Advocates, Corp Comm Legal, Bhumesh Verma sir, senior adv Arunsehvwar Gupta sir, Prashanto Chandra Sen sir, Gautam Das sir, ONGC, Dave Associate, ANB Legal, PSL Advocates & Solicitors Parinam Law Associates, Invicta Chambers, and many other organisations

Officially they will start shortlisting students from the month of November & December 2021

For more details, visit

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