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Article Writing Competition by Awaaz -The Blog, Legal Aid Society of DU: Submit by 6th December

About the Organizers

‘Awaaz -The Blog’ is an initiative of the Legal Aid Society, Campus Law Centre, University of Delhi. The blog publishes articles with the aim to encourage diverse legal discourse on contemporary social, political, and legal issues, and wishes to create a space where different ideas can come together and converse with each other. It also aims at giving the students an opportunity to explore the legal arena and shape discussions relating to paramount and critical issues pertaining to legal aid through a diligent selection process.

The Legal Aid Society, Campus Law Centre, University of Delhi aims to provide legal aid to the fellow citizens who cannot afford professional legal services and also look forward to championing those public causes for which adequate support is still lacking. The society has always been a rock-steady pillar of support for those who require legal assistance in any field of law. The progress made by the society in this arena has been due to the strenuous efforts put in by the students, professors and lawyers who are inspired by the motto of National Legal Services Authority (NALSA)- ‘Access to Justice for all’.

About the Competition

Awaaz- The Blog and Legal Aid Society of Campus Law Center, University of Delhi is organizing an Article Writing Competition on this auspicious occasion of The Constitution Day (26 November).

Eligibility Students pursuing any recognized course from any recognized college/University in India are eligible to participate.

The last date of submission is 06 December, 2020, 11:59 pm IST.

Topics Participants can choose any of the following topics: -

  1. Is the Tablighi Jamaat controversy indicative of a change in the concept of secularism?

  2. Article 32 and the Right to Constitutional Remedies and Freedom of Speech.

  3. Constitutional Values and The Role of Media.

  4. Any contemporary issue.

General Rules

Participants must adhere to the rules of competition: -

  1. The piece should be the original work of the author.

  2. Only submission in English will be accepted.

  3. Co-Authorship is allowed upto a maximum of two authors.

  4. Participants should mail the soft copy of the article along with the details to

  5. Participants should email their article latest by 11:59PM on 06 December, 2020.

  6. The article should be between 1250-1500 words excluding footnotes.

  7. The content of the article should be in Times New Roman style, font size 12, with 1.5-line spacing. All headings must have uniform formatting.

  8. Wherever case law, statutory material or other resources are being referred to, appropriate hyperlinks must be provided in the text of the submission itself. For Indian case law, contributors may provide a link to the case at, if available, or the website of the relevant court.

  9. Footnotes should be used only when strictly necessary, in case no hyperlink is available. Footnotes should conform to the ILI Citation Rules available at They should be in Times New Roman style, size 10, with 1.0-line spacing.


  1. Top 3 articles will get 'Certificate of Excellence'.

  2. The best article will be Published on Awaaz the Blog.

  3. All participants will be awarded an E-Certificate of participation.

Contact Information:

Puja Raghavan: +91-9899527114

Sagar Soni: +91-9465420052

All correspondences and queries may be addressed to

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