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A Legal Notice has been sent to Ms. Kangana Ranaut following the Twitter fiasco

Updated: Dec 4, 2020

This was done in the backdrop of a twitter exchange which soon turned ugly. Out of all the tweets, which was stated to be unjust in the eyes of law has been stated below.

Following that, there was outrage by fellow celebrity Diljit Dosanjh and the controversy which stemmed from the same tweets. Soon after Advocate Harpreet Singh Hora from Delhi has sent her the Legal Notice on behalf of Mr. Jasmain Singh Noni (member of the Delhi Sikh Gurdwara Management Committee).

The tweet read out: “Ha ha ha she is the same dadi who featured in Time magazine for being the most powerful Indian.... And she is available in 100 rupees. Pakistani jurno's have hijacked international PR for India in an embarrassing way. We need our own people to speak for us internationally.

The legal notice states that when her premises were demolished, she had used social media to gather solidarity from her fans stating that her fundamental rights have been violated. Similarly, the right to peacefully protest is a part of the farmers’ rights under the Constitution of India & she cannot claim a right to demean and insult the farmers. The notice also states that there are several news reports on media which claim that the said two women are not same and otherwise too, she has not got the right to defame any old woman for her political mileage just because she is protesting in a peaceful manner against a particular piece of legislation and Kangana’s act has lowered the reputation and image of the farmers before the whole world. The Twitter fiasco erupted from Kangana Ranaut had misidentified the old lady, and it did not give her any right to say such things about her.

Advocate Hora has also stated in his notice that this is a clear example of a “Hate Tweet” that needs to be tackled at the earliest lest she may keep peddling unverified information on social media which may lead to further law & order problems. In current times, that is when all transactions are taking place virtually- communication plays a key part in that. And for the same, “Hate Tweets” like this needs to be taken up immediately in the hands of the law.

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